You deserve to be pampered.

Private Tours

We choose our guides meticulously.

Not just anyone can be a tour guide in Italy since most Italian cities have more than 2,000 years of history they need to study and speak about. And not just any tour guide can be an Unusual Tourist tour guide.

Aside from being knowledgeable and fluent in English, our guides are also passionate about their work, know the best ways to see the sites and have great personalities and storytelling abilities. We also seek those who have a lot of experience and flexibility, have an innate interest in people, able to maintain good rapport with service providers, skilled in knowing how to make the tour as comfortable and entertaining as possible and have a good sense of humour.

We organize private guided tours in the most popular tourist destinations in Italy: FlorenceVenice,  Rome & the Vatican.

Custom Daytrips

Spend some time away from the city and experience life in the country or by the sea. We’ll take you for a day out to see panoramic views and quaint little villages, visit historic cities and archaeological sites, medieval towns and castles, Renaissance villas and palaces. We’ll go and taste some wine, balsamic vinegar, olive oil or cheese directly from producers.  We’ll get to know the families that run these farms and estates and learn the complex process of maintaining the high quality of their production.

All our day trips are private, meaning it will only be for you and your party. They are also customized, carefully planned out for you to be both fun and interesting.

More often than not, you will also be accompanied by one of our experienced guides who will make sure you are entertained and all your needs catered to. Depending on the tour, we may also include visits to museums and archaeological sites, villas and castles, lunch, tastings of wine, olive oil or balsamic vinegar and other enjoyable activities.

We provide daytrips from all major cities.

Hands-on Activities

One of the best ways to retain the memory of one’s trip to Italy is through a hands-on experience. Prepare a complete Italian meal by joining a cooking class, discover your artistic potential by participating in a painting or sculpting class.

If you’re the more outdoorsy active type, hike or bike in scenic countryside roads, go boating in rivers, swim in the blue Mediterranean sea, go on a truffle hunt or play a round of golf in a spectacular setting. If you’re here in autumn, experience life in farms and take part in their grape and olive picking. An avid car enthusiast? Go for a drive around the winding roads of the Chianti in a vintage car or cabrio, or live the thrill of the racetrack with a Ferrari in Maranello.

And for your children, keep them entertained with a treasure hunt or puppet show, learn a craft such as pantin-, paper- or jewelry-making, try their hand in rolling dough as they make their own pizza, or indulge their sweet tooth by mixing their favourite ingredients to make their own gelato.

Enriching Transfers

Sometimes one has to deviate from the straight path to discover other riches along the way. Travel does not mean getting around the fastest way possible. It is the discovery of something new that makes it exciting. 

Italy is literally dotted with historical and archaeological gems around each bend. It’s a shame not to take advantage and discover sights that you may not have a chance to see had you taken the fastest route.

We offer specially-designed private transfers to see other enchanting cities, towns and views along the way. You get to have a more enriching experience by not missing out on seeing even more of Italy’s other treasures. This small detour may just turn out to be your biggest surprise.

Of course, we also provide regular direct private transfers from all airports, ports and cities and between each of your destinations if you have very limited time.


Travelling is fun but finding the right accommodations can often times be overwhelming, especially if you are not familiar with the city or area. We are here to facilitate your search with our keen understanding of your destination and our attention to detail.

To ensure your comfort during your stay, we have a handpicked selection of accommodations from relaxing farm stays with wonderful views, exclusive and historic villas with modern amenities, charming boutique hotels for a more intimate experience and 4*/5* luxury hotels with elegant interiors found in the best areas.

We will work with you in finding your best option based on your needs and budget and give you valuable advice on accessibility and location.

You may also request specially-customized tours, activities, day trips and private events that cater to your specific needs and interest. If you’d like us to create an entire package just for you, we’d be more than happy to assist. Please refer to our Itineraries section to learn more.